Competencies and Objectives

Ilios has a robust ability to track and manage educational competency domains as well as specific course- and session-level learning Objectives. Objectives are entered as part of a complex tree or hierarchy; while each level of the curriculum structure (Program, Course, Session) may be provided with any number of competencies/Objectives independently, these Objectives may also be linked to an Objective or competency at the level immediately above them if desired.
The competency structure for Ilios follows current usage for the UCSF School of Medicine, and conforms to the MedBiquitous specifications for Health Education Competency Frameworks.
To learn more about these specifications, visit the MedBiquitous website.
The hierarchy in Ilios contains 5 levels available for competency-objective association:
  • Competency Domain
  • Competency Sub-Domain
  • Program Objective (created at the Program Year)
  • Course Objective
  • Session Objective
Competency domains and their sub-domains are pre-loaded into the Ilios system. They are selected at the Program level, and are selected discretely for each Program Year. The domains selected create the pool of eligible parent domains for all courses associated to that given program.
Program Objectives (graduation requirements) are created at the Program Year; each Program Objective may be associated with a specific Competency domain.
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