Create New User

The "Create New User" button is also available from the starting point of the Admin Console. The steps detailed in the previous section apply to adding a new user in this manner as well. The steps are the same.

The screen appears as what is shown below (with real data redacted). This is the same as detailed the "View All" section. The screen and the functionality is the same as if clicking "View All" and then clicking "Create New User". Essentially if you are positive that no searching is required and that one or more Ilios users need to be added from the Campus Directory, you can skip that step and go straight here.

Create New User:

Click this to either add a new user from the Campus Directory or to add a new user manually if a directory is not used. This depends on how your school is configured to handle user authentication.

Using the Campus Directory method, the following screen shows the area where the search criteria can be entered in order to retrieve the account to be added. It is done one at a time.

Enter search criteria and click "Search directory for new users". In the example below, a search for "Leonard D" was performed. The results are shown below with identifying data scrubbed since this is from the actual UCSF Campus Directory.

Icons Explained

  • Ready and able to add to Ilios

  • Something is wrong or missing. User cannot be added to Ilios at this time.

  • Already in Ilios. User can only be added once.

Add New User From Directory Search

A Search was performed for "Loomis".

After clicking the (+) button as shown below, it is not necessary to select whether this new user is to be added as a Non-Student (Instructor) or Student. Roles can be added and updated later but it is helpful and powerful to make this initial distinction at this time. In both cases, Primary School should be selected now.

  • Add Non-Student (Instructor)

  • Add Student

When a Student is added, the Primary Cohort should be selected at this time (as shown below).