Create New Course

Create New Course

Courses are unique to the academic year in which they are taught and the school within which they are created. To create a new course, click the Add New button, and provide a course name and select the appropriate year of instruction.

Add New Course

add new course
After clicking Done as shown in the example shown above, the remaining details of the new Course can now be added. Remember to verify the year in the "Academic Year" selector is correct. It defaults to the current year but can be changed to any future academic year or recently passed year in the system.
Since multiple cohorts can be added to any course, even if the additional cohorts are from a different program or school, there is no direct connection between Course and Program; however, all Courses are saved within a selected school when originaly created.

New Course Saved

new course saved
After clicking the link as shown above, the screen appears as follows with the New Course being appropriately titled Drugs And Side Effects 101. The Course is initially saved with a state of Not Published since it has no Sessions or Offerings at this point. Since the act of publishing is essentially the equivalent of populating student calendars with their corresponding offerings, there is nothing to publish at this time.

New Course Details

new course details
After clicking the Back to Courses List link, the full list of Courses appears as shown below. It has been filtered by "dr" to limit the results to show the Course we just created. This filtering functionality is covered in greater detail in the next section, Edit Course.

Updated List

updated list
In this updated screen shot, arrows point to actions that can be taken on a newly created course only (Delete). Courses can only be removed / deleted if they are in the status of "Not Published". The other option shown here (Lock) can be performed on any course. This makes it impossible for anyone to edit any attribute of this course. It can then be unlocked if need be and if you have high enough permissions to do so.
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