Recurring Events

Creating recurring session events is extremely easy. To do this, select a Session to attach to the recurring event being added.
Recurring events are session offerings (events) that occur at the same time and place and with the same instructors and learner groups attached for a specified number of weeks. Once the recurring events have been created, these attributes can be modified.
To create a recurring event ...
  • Select the Session
Select session
  • Add Offerings
Add Offerings
  • Turn on Recurring Events
Initially Set in the "Off" position
  • Set the initial Offering attributes. Once created, any of the events (recurring or otherwise) can be modified.
Date Picker shown
Set Recurring Event count
  • Select the remaining Offering attributes.
Add Instructors
Add Learner Groups
All 8 of the sub groups under Demo Group will be added to these offerings together since Small Groups was NOT selected in the first step. Individual Learners can also be added in this step.
Click "Save" as shown below.
Save to create offerings
Once "Save" has been clicked, the events now appear as follows and can be modified at will. Only the top two of the six are shown in the Offerings editor.

Offerings Editor View

Offerings Editor view

Session List View

In the Session List, when this session is expanded, all six offerings can be seen here. The entire editing pane shown in previous steps in this chapter becomes enabled and viewable. Editing can be easily done from here.
Session List View

Calendar View

Calendar View