Add New Session

Create New Session

Click as shown below to start the process of adding a new session.
first step - click to start
The entry fields now become enabled and visible. Enter the title and select the session type for the new session as shown below.
add title and save
Once a session is saved by clicking the Done button shown above, offerings for that session can be added.

Independent Learning Modules

A session may also be saved as an Independent Learning Module (ILM), created with an estimated number of educational hours rather than a calendar-based date and time. To create such a session, select the “independent learning” check-box, and enter the associated number of educational hours, a "due-by" date or postrequisite learning activity. Learner groups and instructors can be added as well.
ILM's can also be created as a pre-requisite for an upcoming session. Click here for more information on ILM's.