Add Objective

Objectives are the desired learning or teaching outcomes for a given curricular object. These may be general Program level Objectives (also referred to as graduation requirements), Course level learning Objectives, or Session level teaching Objectives. Objectives may be associated with Competencies; however, only one higher level competency can be associated with each Learning Objective at the Session level.

Enter A Session Objective

To enter a Session level Objective, follow the steps detailed below.
1. Go To Courses and Sessions
Open Courses and Sessions
2. Search for and select the Course
Select Course
3. Search for and select the Session
Select Session
4. Click to expand the existing Session Objectives
Expand Session Objective List
5. Click to add new
Add new Session Objective
6. Enter the Session Objective Details
Enter Objective text
Once the save has been processed, the Objective counter is incremented to include the Objective that was just entered. The new Objective is appended to the bottom of the list.
Adds one to the counter