Sort Objectives

This is accomplished in a very similar manner to sorting Course Objectives as well as Program Year Objectives and Learning Materials at both Course and Session levels. The screens do look a bit different so for completeness' sake, this is detailed here as well.

To do this, pull up a Course and Session that already has Objectives ready to be sorted.

  • Click Objectives(x) to expand the Objectives as shown below.

  • Now that the Objectives have been expanded, they can be dragged and dropped into the correct location. This location will determine the order in which they are presented to Students wherever Students access this information.

After activating the functionality as shown below, the screen is expanded to allow for the re-ordering of the Session Objectives. For the sake of demonstration, it is desired that the Objective titled "Define non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema." be moved up to the number one position. Students will see this Session Objective at the top of the list, indicating its relative importance.

To do this, select the second to last Objective we want to move to the top and drag it up to the first position. The Objective will appear ghosted out along with its destination. Let go of the mouse button when the Objective being moved (re-prioritized) is in position as shown below.

After dropping the Objective, the list is re-sorted as shown below. Click "Save" to complete this process or "Cancel" to abort.

After click the green Save button, a splash screen like the following appears briefly. After it disappears the screen will revert to its original expanded appearance.