Event Detail

The Event Detail view is reached when a user clicks on a link in their Calendar, Calendar feed, Week At A Glance, or any part of Ilios that reaches user Events (scheduled Offerings).

The screen shot below starts the process for a student to access the Event Detail View. In this case, the Session to be viewed in Event Detail View has a Pre-work ILM attached to it. Since these appear at the top of the Week At A Glance, click as shown below to go to correct area of Week At A Glance that corresponds to that Session. This is helpful because the list can be quite lengthy.

After clicking as shown above, the user is routed to the correct location in Week At A Glance for the Session "Gluclose Metabolism and Blood Glucose Homeostasis", which is the follow-up (post-requisite) to the ILM entitled "Diabetes Management (Online Lesson)". The link we will follow for this demonstration is pointed out below.

The following links also point towards the Event Detail appropriate to that event.

  • Diabetes Management (Online Lesson) - An ILM linked to our Session "Glucose Metabolism and Blood Glucose Homeostasis"

  • Overview of Lipids and Lipid Transport (Online Lesson) - (same as above)

  • Glucose Cases - This is another Session this Learner is scheduled to attend at 9:10am

  • Insulin Pharmacology (Online Lesson) - An ILM linked to "Glucose Cases".

After clicking as shown above, Event Detail is reached. The user can review the Location and timing of the Offering they should be attending. Links are shown by the arrows.

Event Detail - Upper

The lower part of Event Detail is shown below. Included are links to all of the Course and Session Learning Materials, as well the listings of both Session and Course Objectives.

Event Detail - Lower