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This is the overview page about the deployment of our Permissions model. Links to the permissions matrix and instructions are contained below.
Ilios uses this permissions model, which replaces and enhances the permissions tools and role assignments previously available in Ilios.
This shift impacts how users are able to interact with Ilios data as administrators.
Your administrative users have permissions to edit only the areas to which they have been explicitly associated in the system's hierarchy. Every school, program, program year, course, and session (as well as Curriculum Inventory reports) now has a section for the addition of Directors, Administrators, and Student Advisors, which assigns them the appropriate usage permissions for a user at that level (as seen in the permissions matrix). Instructors assigned to individual teaching activities automatically receive administrative permissions for that activity, regardless of other assignments in the system.

Setting Permissions

Each section where Permissions can be modified is covered in detail in the section of the User Guide that pertains to that aspect of Ilios.