Edit Program

As far as the Program itself is concerned, the fields that can be modified are listed below. Editing any of these fields will have long reaching effects.

Edit Program Title

To edit a program's Title, all that is needed to do is to click on the Title itself, edit it if desired, and then confirm the changes. The process is shown below.

After click on "Doctor Of Spine Therapy", the field becomes editable and appears as shown below.

In "Edit" Mode

The text will be changed to "Spine Doctor" and confirmed.

  • Change the text.

Text has changed.
  • Confirm the change and review the results.

Updated Program Name

Add / Edit Short Title

Since this is a newly created program, there has been no short title entered yet. To enter the short title ...

  • Enter the desired short title. The minimum length for a short title value is 2 characters. The short title "SD Doc" has been entered into the Program Title (short) field as shown below.

  • After saving the record, "Click to edit" has been replaced with the Program's actual short title "SD Doc".

Change Program Duration (Years)

Modifying the duration of a program is easily accomplished in Ilios. Following the steps below will complete this task.

Select a new Program Duration
Confirm new duration
New Program duration saved

Program Leadership

Please refer to the Permissions Matrix to review what rights within the Ilios system will be granted when users are added as Program Directors.

Expand to review
Click "Manage Leadership"

Change Program Duration

To change a Program's duration (the default is set to 4 years) ...

Edit Program Duration
  • Select a new Program Duration as shown below.

  • Save the updated Program Duration

  • View the results of this action

Program Duration updated