Competency Domains can managed within the Ilios application. To access this functional area of Ilios, from the flyout menu select "Schools" as shown below.

New Flyout
Select School to edit

Now that the School of Medicine has been selected, Competencies can be maintained using the following interface and commands.

Expand to see more about Competencies

The highest level Domains are shown initially with the count of associated Competencies displayed underneath the Summary column header. Click the Competencies(x) link to open up the detail screen, shown below. This breaks out into a visual representation to show the details of the competencies counted up under the Summary header. This gives a more detailed viewpoint as shown below.

Competencies Expanded

Now that "Manage Competencies" has been clicked as shown above, the screen changes to the functional area as shown below, allowing the competencies to be managed. Only the top domain "Interpersonal & Communication skills" is displayed to save space and for clarity. "Email and Database Etiquette" was recently added and is not attached to any courses or sessions and can be deleted. The existence of the trash can icon instead of the count of times it has been attached confirms this.

Add New Competency

To add a new Competency under (in this case) the "Interpersonal & Communication skills" domain, simply enter the text of the Competency and click "Add". "Another New One" has been started as a new Competency but not entered yet. This is shown below.

Add Competency

Edit Existing Competency

To edit an existing Competency, simply click on the Name to edit it as shown below. Keep in mind that if it is referenced in Courses and or Sessions, the values there will update as well. In the example below, "Ethical Principles" will be changed to "Ethical Concepts" for no reason other than to demonstrate this functionality.

Step One -- select the Competency to edit

Select the Competency to Edit

Step Two -- make the changes in the provided inline edit box

Make the Changes

Step Three -- commit the changes (or click the red (x) to cancel the event)

The changes are now reflected in the list.

Add New Competency Domain

Adding a new high level Competency Domain can be easily accomplished in this latest version of Ilios. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the new domain into the text box provided and the click "Add" as shown below.

Add New Competency Domain

The new domain then appear in the list as shown. Only a portion of the screen is shown to save space.

New Domain Added

At this point, you can ...

  • Add Competencies to this domain

  • Delete the Domain since it is not attached to anything

  • Edit the Domain

Editing a Domain is performed in exactly the same way as editing a Competency is performed. The field is an inline edit field as shown below with the options described in the image.

NOTE: Be sure to include any and all competencies you may wish to use at this level in order to be able to select them at the Program level.