Calendar Preview

This feature presents a view of the weekly calendar of any user who can be retrieved in the Admin Console.
Only the weekly view is available; but you can scroll forward or backwards in time to any date to view the Learning and / or Teaching activities assigned to that Ilios user.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have access to this screen, you will see "unpublished" offerings to which these users have been assigned. This is by design and can help sort out a student or teacher's schedule to see all offerings to which they are attached. This can help diagnose potential scheduling conflicts before the offerings have been published.
A close up of the "unpublished" icon is shown below.
Unpublished Offering on Admin Console Calendar
The icon looks a bit blurry at that level. Here is what it looks like in regular size on the Admin Console profile calendar ...
On screen

Find User

The first step is to find a user whose schedule you would like to view. This process is shown briefly below and highlighted in other areas of the guide as well.

Select User

Select user
Once this user "Dabney Orton" has been selected, his calendar can be shown right here on the Admin Console screen. Click as shown below to get the calendar to become displayed here.

Display Calendar

Display calendar

Sample Calendar

Sample calendar
You can scroll using the forward and backward buttons to any week. Only week view is available at this time. Also, mousing over the events will produce a call out with the details of the event. It does NOT link to Event Detail like the Dashboard Calendar does.