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Reports now live in their own large area rather than the compact My Reports of yesteryear. This allows for better visibility of results as well as inclusion of data tables and legends.
This shows a typical user's saved reports.
Saved reports
Running any of the reports here is as easy as simply clicking on the link. This is shown below.
Run any report
After clicking as shown above, the screen will refresh with the data outputted to the screen.
Data displayed
As shown above, there is a link available to download the report's output. After clicking as shown above (on a Mac anyway), the following dialog box appears.
Download link shown
In this report example, the .csv download includes the following fields ...
  • Session Title
  • Course Title
  • Academic Year
  • Session Description
  • Session Objective (one per row)
You can use a spreadsheet program (Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers etc.) of your choice to set up formatting and sort order of this exported output.